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Join the Sunday cafe’ and connect with other members of the Sunday Moms club. Share your thoughts with us, and a picture of your cup of tea or coffee! Let’s have a cup together…Live, laugh and spread the love!

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The chat will be open every Sunday 24/7. Share a picture of your cup and your “thought for the day”. Indulge in a casual conversation with other club members and feel connected!

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  • Be respectful at all times.
  • Abusive language is not permitted.
  • Hurtful comments are strictly discouraged. 
  • Posts that do not conform to respectful principles, will be removed.
  • Users indulging in abusive language will eventually be banned from the chat for the safety of other club members.

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Sunday Cafe'
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A divine cup of my morning hot chocolate at my daily visiting cafe’- literally my second home!

Tea with family! One of the most cherished moments of my life… After marriage and separate ways, moments like these are rare and most precious!

A cup of cappuccino on one of my outings! Moments for myself, moments of self-reflection!

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