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Walk the mile!

How to make your walk something to look forward to:

  • Make a YouTube walking list! You don’t have to be tech savvy to do this. Simply like all the songs you love, and in your “liked videos” section, play them. You can even shuffle them to be surprised while you walk, looking forward to the next song that will be up next. This is a YouTube playlist that is rocking my world these days:
  • Find a good outdoor park. If you are the sort of person, who likes somewhat hustle bustle and other walkers for motivation, find a good walking track to go to.If you like long lonely walks, find a deserted path or hiking track.
  • If you are “the treadmill walker”, then indoor walks can be enjoyed with nothing more than your favorite Netflix shows. Simply put up your phone on the treadmill, or on a mobile stand if you don’t have any place on your treadmill to put the phone. And enjoy a nice walk while watching your favorite drama or TV show! If you are studying or have exams coming up, what a better way to take a break, while on the treadmill and watching your list of webinars or informative YouTube videos to watch.

  • Squeeze a brief workout on your desk. Treat yourself with a quick walk or run after every fifty to sixty minutes of intensive studying. You gotta keep a track otherwise you will get distracted from studying. (I tell my 6-year-old who got tired after writing one line (yes 😀😬) to go and have a run around the house… so every time he writes a line, he makes a round and then comes back :D)

You know what, screw it all! You are lazy, and you don’t have time for any of the above! None of these tips are for you!

  • Why don’t you just lie down straight. On your back. No pillow. Tuck in your tummy, and stretch!! Outstretch your arms above your head. and feel them getting tensed, feel your arms… feel the muscles in your tummy getting taut, straighten your legs, and stretch them until you feel you cannot stretch them more. Straighten your feet and feel the tension in them. You will love it! And at the same time, you will be doing some good stretching exercise!! 😊
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