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Describing a day. With three kids!

I get out. I sit in the car.

All three are fighting in the back.

They are fighting about whose door will first be opened when they reach.

We go to the restaurant. As soon as the food arrives, my little one says he want to go to the bathroom.

I take him. Before going, I ask the others if they want to go. They say no.

I come back, I lift the spoon and fork, and take a bite of the now- cold food. The meat is hard to chew now. I’m feeling thirsty.

I haven’t eaten more than a few spoons, when my second one needs the bathroom. An expression comes on my face. I quickly take a sip of the water, and take her.

I am halfway across my meal when my first one wants to go to the bathroom again.

(He has been toilet trained for 3-4 months now). And these days he seems to struggling with constipation)

These are the typical experiences every mother faces now and then, or eventually will face.

Another scenario:

We are sitting in Mc Donald’s. We just started eating when my elder one wants to go to the bathroom and urgently!!!

He is holding on to his pants. He says he can’t control it.

And the bathroom is upstairs…

What do I do? Do I leave my other two down while my take my elder son?

No …I can’t do that! And anyway, they would cry.

I stand up, make an effort to pack the food I had just unpacked right before we dug in.

He says he can’t wait

(Hmmph… i had told all kids to go to the bathroom before going out. Seems no one listened!)

Eventually we all leave our table; quickly pack the food and we go to the top floor bathroom.

Planning a day out with kids is a task! It has to be planned.

If well- planned, applaud yourself and pat your back!

But it will always be unpredictable no matter how much planning you have done

I once kept 4 sets of clothes on a one-hour local flight because my child had diarrhea and I ran out of all of them. (In the end, I had to cover him up with a towel).

Long story short, these stories will continue. These are meant to be a part of our life! So, enjoy them while they last… for your kids won’t remain kids forever!




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