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Travel with kids: Tips on how to make it light, simple and child-friendly!I won’t say easy, because it is not :)

A lot of moms out there may be experts already, some new ones. and some may just benefit with reminders, and lots of reminders…

Organizing packing and travel with kids is not an easy task. Nevertheless, it needs attention.

Here are some helpful ideas:


make note-taking a habit with small kids especially because the pregnancy fuzz and the baby fuzz doesn’t wear off easily! Don’t forget the kids fuzz when kids are jumping all around you because of travel excitement, and make your packing task ten times worse :/

Organize your list into essential and non-essential items

Otherwise, you may pack everything else, but forget to pack those diapers that should have been on the top of the list!

Essentials that must not be forgotten for babies: feeders, formula, diapers, passport (FFDP)

Pack some toys

I always keep a small toy for each of my children. A mini-teddy bear, or a small car or motorbike something that can be given to the children but doesn’t take too much space in your purse.

We all tend to have a play area for children at home. When we travel, kids feel lost and insecure. On top of that, parents are busy. Having something familiar like any stuff toy, a small car or a small book, does wonders.

Packing the kids tablet if you have one for them, is a plus! Having downloaded Netflix episodes beforehand in them is a good idea, as well as offline apps like Kidloland, etc.

Talk to someone who has travelled recently

Inquire about their experience. Getting to know the minor details may help. Like whether the trolly has to be folded and put on the security belt, etc. Knowing this beforehand, can prepare you for these tasks if doing singlehandedly. But remember everyone’s experience may be different, so you have to be prepared for everything!

At times when I was travelling alone and struggling with these things, I so wished I could give my newborn to someone else to hold for just a few seconds, although that wasn’t possible. Amidst the rush, holding the baby, the bag, folding the trolley and putting the shoes on the belt, all jumbled up, it was not easy. Especially if your newborn starts crying at the same time, or has to be forced to wake up because you have to fold the trolley to put on the luggage security belt.

Sometimes, I forgot to pick up one of my purses. Now, if I am overwhelmed, I take a deep breath. I take my time in doing these things step by step, and don’t give in to the pressure being given by the authority officials (as it is most important not to lose important stuff and documents). And once done, remember to count all your bags, passports and belongings.

Always keep a stash of lollipops

(With easy to remove covers, not the ones that come with the tightly wrapped up layers). Whenever I hear a child cry in the plane, or in the long immigration queue, I just hand out one, and it is satisfying to hear them stop afterwards. Pack some jellies and candies as well for toddlers. They just love those. Give yourself and your kids some grace exceptions for travel. It will make your life easier 😊




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